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Discounted Omega 8003 Masticating Juicer for Sale: Omega 8003 Review

Omega 8003 Masticating JuicerJuicing today is serious business. With a lot of juice bars around town, and the alarming truth about preservatives in store-bought juice, juicing at home has become a new sensation. With the demand for juicing comes other things, like fresh food that is made in the kitchen. This is perhaps why the Omega 8003 Masticating multi-purpose juicer is one of the juicers made to meet the needs of kitchens all over. Here are some of the notable features of the Omega J8003:

  • Multi Functional Juicer - This juicer definitely does more than just juicing. It has a number of other features which includes grinding, homogenizing and food processing. You can even use it as a pasta extruder if you want to make fresh pasta at home.
  • Low Juicing Speed - Running at just 50 rpm, you can have a quick and easy juice fix without losing the nutritive value of the juice itself. The slow extrusion process ensures that the juice will be preserved, and that there will be no impurities caused by the juicing process
  • High Juice Yield - When you look at the pulp from this juicer, you can be certain that it will be dry, and all of the juice that you need goes into the glass rather than in the pulp bin, all thanks to the technology found in this Omega multi-purpose juicer.

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