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Green Star Elite GSE 5000 Review

Green Star Elite GSE 5000People who are searching for a healthier lifestyle are looking for a machine that will supply delicious and nutritious homemade juice.  There are a few juicers on the market that will make this a reality by separating pulp from fruits and vegetables in an efficient manner.  After doing some research, it is evident that the Green Star Elite Juice Extractor GSE-5000 is one of the best. 

There are many positive Green Star Elite reviews that explain how wonderful the machine is in the kitchen.  The Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 Juicer is the latest in the series of jumbo twin juice extractors.  It has a new body and set of enhancements.

Green Star Elite Juicer Review

It is important to be up to date with the latest brands of juicers to guarantee the purchase of one with good design and usability.  Very few of these units are capable of crushing and extracting the optimum amount of juice every time.  The latest Green Star Elite is attractive to look at as well as works perfectly.

The Three Stage Process

This juicer uses a three step process that allows a person to obtain juice with as much nutritional value as possible.  Crushing, mixing, and squeezing are the three steps involved in preparing the juice.  After placing the fruits or vegetables in the machine, crushing occurs until pulp is formed.  Next, the mixing stage combines the broken membranes, giving off even more juice.  Finally, squeezing gives the final juice and gets out the last possible juice from the fruits and vegetables.

The most useful features of the unit includes:

  • Lightweight
  • Built in carry handle
  • Automatically ejects pulp and continues to juice
  • Jumbo twin gears
  • 110RPM speed
  • Cord detaches
  • 190 watt motor
  • 5 year warranty

A Green Star Elite Juicer review is sure to reveal that this product has no limitations or drawbacks.  Here is closer look at the juicer's specifications.

Specifications Of The Green Star Elite 5000

Looking at the hidden qualities of the product will help to reveal how it stands apart from similar products on the market.


The Latest Green Star Elite comes with a brand new design that is far from the dated products of the past.  It will add flair to any modern kitchen and blends in well while sitting on the counter top.

Locking System

The Green Star Elite has a new system for locking that includes a smooth latch that slips in quietly when pressed.  It takes mere seconds to assemble and take apart.

Ease Of Cleaning

Many juicers may appear nice, but are complicated to clean and maintain.  Many times, cleaning the machine after juicing will take longer than it did to extract the juice in the first place.  However, with this machine, washing and drying the unit takes very little time.  It also takes up minimal space in the kitchen as well.

Juice Quality

Using the three stage process to extract juice from this machine, assures maximum amount of juice without foam.  Foam is an indication of oxidation that lowers the nutritional value.  With this model, a person will receive 100% nutrition from the juice.

New Features

The Green Star Elite 5000 contains new features not seen before.  The stages between crushing and pressing is adjustable as per the softness of the fruits and vegetables being processed. 

Safety Features

The interaction of the engine inside of the juicer is disconnected from other parts to assure risk free operation.

Parts And Accessories

Most Green Star Elite reviews discuss the look and function of the juicer.  Other accessories that may not be acknowledged include:

  • Plastic plunger
  • Wooden plunger
  • Knob for Juicing
  • Glass juice collector
  • Breadstick knob
  • Fine filter
  • Course Filter
  • Steel strainer
  • Detachable cord
  • Cleaning brush

After reading a Green Star Elite GSE 5000 review that includes all of the features and utilities that it offers, it is certain that a person will consider it for purchase. It is important to understand that price is not the only thing that should deter or draw a consumer.  Overall, this juicer receives 4 out of 5 stars because it is simple to use and is very  effective at producing nutritional juice each and every time.