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Green Star GS-1000

Green Star GS 1000 Juice ExtractorGreen drinks are very beneficial to our diet; they are alkaline and thus supply something that many of us fail to incorporate enough of in our daily meals. Just like any other green vegetables, these drinks improve our bodies and our health. They contain a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti- oxidants that assist in the overall development of our body. When I became aware of the benefits of juicing green vegetables, I started to search the market for the very best juice extractor and what I found was the green star 1000 juice extractor.

My pursuit for the best juicer for greens led me through a variety of juicers and machines of different brands that offered superior services. Aware of the common problems experienced with various juicers, I was determined to choose the one that would last a long time and that was the most hassle-free to use and maintain. Finally, I chose the Green Star GS 1000. It took a lot of research and analyzing before I did so. Let us discuss the juicer in detail.

Many people do not yet know about many of the tools available that can make healthy eating and living easier. Fruit and vegetable juicers have been playing a large part in helping individuals overcome their dietary deficiencies and there is no doubt that this juicer is one of the best choices for those who want to get the most out of their juices for a healthy and balanced diet. Many a GS- 1000 review relate the product to be one of the best available household items in the market.

GS-1000 Review

Design and Features

The TriBest Company, which has a reputation for manufacturing high-end household items, manufactures the Green Star 1000 juice extractor. Though the juicer is available in three different models – GS- 1000, GS- 2000 and GS- 3000, we shall discuss the Green Star GS-1000. There are not many differences among these models; their accessories however, do differ.
I opened the box that the juicer was in with great expectations. The twin gear juicer looked attractive with its 3-cup glass pitcher, a fine juice strainer, and one plastic and one wooden plunger. The warranty card assured me of a tension-free warranty of 5 years, which gave me great reassurance.

Best Juicer for Greens

Those who are just beginning to juice tend to buy simple centrifugal triturating juice extractors initially and then later opt for a complex machine such as the Green Star GS-1000. However, I feel it is a perfect choice even for a beginner due to its user-friendly operating system. The twin gears are made of stainless steel and are attached to a plastic lining that pushes the pulp out of the machine. They can also be reversed by pressing the reverse button. The juicer has an amazing capacity to extract juice from even the hardest of vegetables. You can juice carrots, Radish, spinach, Kale and any other vegetable or fruit and this juicer will have the juice and pulp separated in no time.

Personal Experience

Besides myself, many other users have also sworn that this juicer is a heavy duty juicer in their GS-1000 reviews. One of the things that make you fall in love with the product is the bright plastic case that houses the motor, which does not rust or stain and the design of the juicer. It will look perfect on any kitchen table. You can feed in whole apples, huge bunches of green leaves and many other whole fruits and vegetables; you need not chop them into pieces or segregate them. This juicer makes it quick and effortless for you to juice. The wire mesh filters the roughage from the fruits and vegetables so you get 100% pure strained juice. All parts of the juicer are removable and can be cleaned easily after every use. The speed of the machine is incomparable. It takes barely a few seconds to convert one raw fresh vegetable into a juice.

The power cord is about 3 feet long so it will reach any corner of the kitchen easily. When the cord is not in us, it can be coiled and tucked into a compartment at the base of the juicer. The fully assembled juicer consists of nine major parts – A cowling plastic slide, twin gears, the juice screen, a drive shaft, a second cowling piece, a spring loaded end cap (pulp control knob), an oval tray, drive gears, 2 plungers and two arms that hold all the components in place.

Using the GS- 1000 juice Extractor

Place the assembled juicer on the kitchen platform, preferably near the sink. Put the pitcher or juice collector under the spout and a bowl under the end where the pulp will be expelled. You need to exert a little force when pushing the vegetables and fruits inside the food chute. If you prefer an even more effortless and quicker process, then cut them or peel them before feeding them into the food chute.
Once you finish your juicing, remove the washable parts from the juicer carefully and place them in the sink under running water for a couple of seconds. This loosens any particles stuck to them. You can then use the brush that comes with the juicer to scrub the parts and then wash them with liquid soap. Alternatively, all of the parts are dishwasher safe so you could just wash them in your dishwasher. Make sure all of the parts are dry before you assemble the juicer again.

Let us now look into the positive aspects of the GS- 1000 that make it stand apart from the other brands:

  1. Easy to clean-up and assemble
  2. The juicer produces very little foam due to which, the maximum amount of juice can be collected in the 3- cup glass; also, less foam means less oxidation and more nutrition.
  3. The juice that is extracted does not get heated up by the heavy-duty motor; an issue that is often seen in other brands.
  4. The juice extracted in the GS-100 can be stored for a couple of days in your refrigerator; it will taste the same as it did when it first flowed from the juicer.

Now come some little known abilities of this juicer. Though most of the GS-1000 reviews do not mention other tried and true abilities of this product, here are a few which you can try at home. You can use the juicer to beat ice cream, make fruit sorbets, mash baby foods and churn butter. Though this versatile kitchen aid comes is in a higher price range, it is worth spending a few extra dollars on such a long lasting and faithful helping hand. Considering the resourcefulness and the nutritional value offered by this juicer, it is certainly a good investment.