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Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer Review

Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear JuicerI. Product Description

Versatility is the major benefit of the Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer. With all the other juicers available in the market today, the manufacturers have thought of adding more features and functions to elevate this model from the rest. Without compromising its main function which is juicing, additional tasks can already be performed using the same unit. With high quality components, the results are always good quality juice drinks and food.

II. Product features and Specifications

First of all, the price of the Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer is fairly cheap compared to other brands and models in the retail stores. But having a low process does not mean that the function has already been compromised. Kuvings has specifically designed this juicer to address the needs of consumers that are looking for good quality equipments at a reasonable price range. This compact masticating juicer is built with a 170- watt motor that is able to process a variety of fruits and vegetables.

One of the more unique features of this juicer is the incorporation of a spiral screw mechanism in the extraction process. It is made of durable plastic materials and it extracts juice from the produce while retaining all the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the juice. It also has a durable masticating type design and it only uses a single gear. Single gears are known to produce juice that is less foamy and less frothy. It is also using a low speed mechanism with just an average of 80 revolutions per minute.

This speed is relatively very low compared to the thousands of revolutions that centrifugal juicers can do. The low speed is proven to be very beneficial. The machine will be able to extract more amounts of juice from a single produce and nutrients and enzymes are also preserved in the process. There are also lesser chances for the motor to overheat because of this speed. Heat won’t accumulate in the gear when juicing so the juice enzymes will not oxidize quickly. Without oxidation, the juice can be stored for longer periods of time when refrigerated.

III. Easy Clean-up

One reason why most people rarely use their juicers is because of after care. With the Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer, clean up will be a breeze. The people from Kuvings made sure that the users’ convenience is the first of their priorities aside from function. This appliance can easily be disassembled for cleaning. The parts can be washed by hand or they can also be placed in a dishwasher. After cleaning them, assembly won’t take that much long either. The outer casing can be wiped easily with a wash cloth and the appliance will be ready for the next use.

IV. Other features

Because of the low speed extraction process, the Kuvings Multipurpose Single Gear Juicer is also a silent juicer. People will not be bothered when one is making juice early in the morning. This unit also comes with 8 different nozzles of various shapes and sizes for the holes. This can be used when using this kitchen appliance aside from juicing.

One of the most common alternative uses for this one is extruding pasta. Aside from that, this juicer can also grind coffee beans! Herbs can be minced and soy milk can be made as well. But for those people who likes ice cream, this model is able to make fresh homemade ice cream too. People can use the juices from fruits as the flavors and a healthy treat for the family is instantly created. This kitchen appliance is a must for all health buffs out there. Getting healthy can start with a glass of fresh fruit juice a day.