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Kuvings NS-950 Chrome Quiet Silent Juicer Extraction Wheatgrass Review

Kuvings Silent Juicer NS 950 ChromeI. Product Description

As Kuvings ventured into vertical and upright juicers, it made sure that all their products are up to the standards and will deliver based on the consumers’ expectations of the brand. With the release of their NS line, the manufacturers aim to address all of a juicer’s needs when it comes to high quality fresh juice yields. All of the features of the Kuvings NS-950 Chrome Quiet Silent Juicer Extraction Wheatgrass are designed to provide convenience and good function to consumers. With high quality parts, consumers will not have to look for another juicer again.

II. Safety Features

The great thing about the manufacturers of the Kuvings NS-950 Chrome Quiet Silent Juicer Extraction Wheatgrass is the fact that they really thought of the consumers while designing this unit. Hand grips are installed so that the user will not have any difficulty moving this kitchen appliance around. A two-step safety start system is also being used. This safety feature will only allow the mechanism to start running if all the necessary parts are locked in to their places. To prevent overloading and to protect the motor from overheating, a specialized safety overload switch is also included in the design.

Speaking of safety, the Kuvings NS line of juicers are also the first upright juicers to offer BPA- Free components such as a Juicing bowl and a basket, a wiping screen, a juice catch cup, a pulp catch cup, a feed tube and a slim line tamper. Since these plastic fixtures are free of BPA, the family is safe from toxic elements from the plastic components of the appliance.

III. Product Specifications

The Kuvings NS-950 Chrome Quiet Silent Juicer Extraction Wheatgrass runs with a powerful motor which uses 330 watts of power. With gear reduction, the power can be equivalent to almost 3 horse powers. This amount of power makes it possible for this model to extract juice not only from soft to moderate fruits and vegetables but also from high fiber and tough produce. Wheatgrass is an example of a produce that is very tough. Not a lot of juicers out there can process wheatgrass because of its high fiber content but the Kuvings NS-950 does it without any problems.

This model from Kuvings also uses slow revolutions when extracting juice from different types of food. Unlike centrifugal juicers, this upright juicer only revolves less than a hundred times in one minute. The slow process allows careful grinding and pressing of the food to get the most amount of juice from it. The process also preserves a lot of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. A healthier and more nutritious juice drink will be available in no time. The utilization of slow revolutions is also another feature that protects the motor from overheating. At the same time, it eliminates heat in the juicing process preventing oxidation of the enzymes. Without oxidation, the juice is of better taste, higher quality, and it makes it possible to be stored for a longer period of time.

Both the outer structure and inner mechanisms of this model is easy to clean. It comes with a chrome color with black accents which is very easy to wipe. Clean-up of the auger and the extraction screen is also very convenient. Water can be poured down the chute while the machine is running and it will clean itself. The auger is also made up of GE’s Ultem material that is 8 times more durable and stronger than plastic augers of other juicers. The Kuvings NS-950 Chrome Quiet Silent Juicer Extraction Wheatgrass is such a great kitchen appliance. People should purchase appliances that promote a healthier lifestyle.