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Omega VRT350HD Juicer Review: Buy Omega VRT350HD Cheap

Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver JuicerThose who would need to find an effective single gear juicer will find that the Omega VRT350HD Juicer would make for a great choice. While there are a lot of juicers out there in the market that pride themselves for having a conglomeration of gears that provide thorough juicing, the use of single gears that the VRT350 has makes for a more effective way for one to maximize the benefits of such juicers.


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Another thing that one should know about the Omega VRT350 is the fact that it is a masticating juicer, which means that it offers better capabilities when it comes to getting a more organic juiced product as compared to other juicers in the market. Such features of this device allow for such, which would be listed below. 

Omega VRT350 Review: VRT350 Features

  •  2HP Motor Juicer
  • Dual Stage System for Juicing
  • 80 RPM Rotation
  • GE UlTEM Hole Strainer Materials

Omega VRT350HD Juicer Review: VRT350 HD Benefits

It might come off as surprising for some that low speeds for juicers can hold some advantages, but this would hold true when it comes to a masticating juicer. This capability is one of the things that most people often overlook when it comes to the use of a juicer, most especially since high speeds provide lesser time for juicing and more juice residue. Now, there are some debates about what is the best juicer to buy when analyzing the speed which your juicer will juice your fruits and vegetables.

Some people argue that some triturating juicers for sale like a Green Star Elite GSE-5000 (note, a Champion 2000 Juicer has only one auger making it a masticating juicer) which works similarly to the VRT350 HD - would indeed produce a fresher juicer; BUT on the other hand since centrifugal juicers work faster, you would leave the juice sitting there on the jar for less time, hence, having a fresher juice when you finish juicing all the fruits and vegetables.

This might not sound much, but if you will be juicing for more than one people, it is certainly something to think about.

Omega VRT350HD Juicer PartsWhen people use less high power motors when it comes to juicing, there is the capability that juicing will be more thorough. The Omega VRT350 will make for an efficient juicer simply because it has a slower motor (just like an Omega 8005 Juicer), and it also makes utilization of the dual stage juicing process. Fruits and vegetables are crushed on the initial stage, and afterwards, the pulp is squeezed to allow for a more thorough extraction of juice from any product.

Centrifugal juicers like the Breville Fountain Juicers (Breville 800JEXL, Breville BJE510XLBreville BJE200XL) that operate in high speeds also allow for generation of heat when it comes to the juicing process. Since speed will basically develop friction, it will allow for the development of heat while the extraction process occurs. When this happens, oxidation on the juices that have been extracted will be formed and this will work against the nutrients and minerals that are in such.

There is also the pleasure of actually tasting some pulp or real fruit or vegetables on your smoothies, which would make for a more organic and natural feel when it comes to drinking and enjoying the product. You can be sure though that from residue will not normally enter the juice, as the filter allows for thorough straining of such.

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These things make the Omega VRT350HD a great choice for a fruit and vegetable masticator, and customers also enjoy the easy cleanup of the device as it comes with a self-cleaning screen holder and easy disassembly. Every Omega VRT350 Review shares the high pricing of such to be inconvenient, but it makes for the best juicer that one can use for more nutritious juices in the market.

Now, you do do get what you paid for. With an Omega VRT350HD you will have a great vertical masticating juicer which will enable you to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass easily! Not only that, but due to its vertical design, you will be able to save much space in your kitchen in order to properly place your Omega juicer.