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Green Power KPE1304 Juicer Review: Buy Green Power Juicer

Green Power KPE1304 JuicerI am an avid juice lover and I have been looking for a good juicer for the longest time. Recently, I went to a friend’s house for a party and I immediately fell in love with the fresh apple orange juice that she served.

Without hesitation, I went to ask what kind of juicer she was using and she introduced me to the Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer. I ordered mine online and got my new juicer within a week. I was lucky to have availed of the free shipping promo too.

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One very nice feature that I really liked about this triturating juicer is the fact that it uses 2 gears to extract the juice. This means I get more juice than I normally obtain using other juicers. The taste is also significantly better, maybe because all of the flavors from the fruit, including the one in the pulp, are included. The pulp is also very dry indicating that all the juices are extracted from the fruit effectively.

I also did my research before I purchased my Green Power KPE1304 juicer (and compared to other juicers like a Champion 2000, a Green Star Elite GSE-5000 and maybe even the great Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Juicer) and I found out that it is actually a cold- press masticating juicer. Masticating juicers are known to make the healthiest kinds of juices since it mimics the natural way we chew our food. It also uses cold- press which preserves natural enzymes and nutrients in the juice.

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There is a lot of cheap Green Power KPE1304 for sale online. I got mine online too for just under $500. It came with a free DVD on how to use the product and some great fruit ideas and combinations that I have not tried before. It is such a great deal that I had to get one as soon as possible.

I also read from the manual that this twin gear juicer also has a lot of uses aside from juicing fruits. It can also mince, make nut butter, and make fruit sorbets and more. I also love drinking coffee and the Green Power KPE1304 can actually grind coffee beans. How good is that? It also has the capability to make baby food which is great for moms out there. If I had this when my kids were small, my life would have been a lot easier.

The Green Power KPE1304 juicer is also relatively small and it fits perfectly on my kitchen countertop. I can also easily move it around since it is lighter than my previous juicers which were more than 20 lbs in weight - a Super Angel 5500 Juicer has a similar weight.

It is fairly easy to clean and has separate screens for different functions. This juicer also has a quiet motor which does not make any weird sounds as it juices. I always like to have a glass of fresh fruit juice right before I go to bed and having the Green Power KPE1304 won’t wake my kinds and my husband.

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Sometimes, I don’t even have to juice at night anymore! This juicer is designed to extract juice and store it longer for a maximum of 2 days! I have read that it uses a magnetic and infrared technology that will facilitate prolonging the freshness of the juice.

I just love this juicer and I surely recommend it to all my friends and family. Every family should buy Green Power KPE1304. It is a good way to start being healthy and your kids will surely love the juice.